Scone Corpus Project


The main purpose of this web interface is to make available the texts (manuscripts and epigraphic material) collected and analysed in the course of our research on the history of northern English from the 7th to the 16th centuries.

The e-corpus includes both the edition of the manuscripts and inscriptions, and information about the language at different linguistic levels: spelling/phonology, morphosyntax and lexis.

Three versions of each text are available:

Although our main purpose is to highlight the features that characterize these texts as northern, future versions of the web interface will also allow users to do searches which are not focused on dialectal variation (e.g. studies on the evolution of a given morphological feature, on the syntax of different text types, etc.).

Aside from elaborating the e-corpus, our project aims at identifying those features of contemporary northern dialects which can be traced back either to Old Northumbrian or to innovations that appear in Middle English. Our aim is to ascertain what features are most resistant to the process of standardisation and discover the possible causes of their resilience.

Most researchers participating in this project belong to the Historical Linguistics Research Group at the University of Seville, where a brief description of previous projects and related links can be found.


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Both our first project (BFF2001-3135) and the current one (HUM2007-62926) have been funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Programme for Scientific Research Development and Technological Innovation and the European Regional Development.

Special thanks also to Meg Laing for letting us use material for our corpus.